Chiropractic treatment for low back pain in Greensboro, NC.
Herniated Disc Chiropractor In Greensboro, North Carolina.


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Success Stories

" The
DRX9000TM has eliminated my need for pain killers and removed the numbness in my left leg and foot"
-John H.

" I still can't believe, after only a few weeks treatment, that I am completely free of neck and lower back pain. Thank you so much for your TCL. It was a pleasure being treated by you."
-Ed S.

" After receiving treatment, the pain in my lower back has improved to about 90 percent. I feel as if I have my life back. Thank you"
-Iris S.

" After going through two back surgeries and having only minimal relief from pain, I found the
DRX9000TM provided the only means of complete pain relief I have felt in years. Thank you."
-Ann S.

" Two months ago I felt helpless, now thanks to my
DRX9000TM treatment I feel I can begin a new chapter in my life."
-Edwin R.

" Three months ago I was in eye-crossing pain. Today I am pain free!"
-Bridget S.

" I am extremely happy with the results. I am more flexible and feel better than I have in years."
-Neil B.

" I was unable to walk, sit or even stand. Even rolling over in bed resulted in excruciating pain. After receiving treatment on the
DRX9000TM, the pain in my lower back has improved by at least 90%. I feel as if I have me life back."
-I. Santana

" After my first visit with the
DRX9000TM, I slept through the night for the first time in nearly a year. That was four months ago and I feel great - mostly grateful that my two small children have their fun active mom back:
-A. O'Shea

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